As many of us I took advantage of the COVID-19 isolation to learn a bit more about the Oracle Cloud, something I always put of the last years because I had some bad feelings around it and the Cloud in general.

Mid  April was a partner training around the Oracle Cloud Architect Associate which I followed, and to be honest I was blown away, this really looked like LEGO.

I followed the Training and watched the video material and started playing, this was and is really fun.

As a DBA I forgot about IP’s routing and all these things, but by watching
  a couple of times and playing with the cloud, cursing as well because it didn’t work as I expected due to my misunderstanding, I learned quite a bit.

Saturday I have my Exam which btw until 15 th of may is free, meaning register your exam before the15th and do you exam later. Scheduling this exam was really good, it forced me to learn the topic, hope I will pass if not I learned a lot.

So use this link to register your exams

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