A non ADG standby database is as you know running in mount mode and receiving and applying redo.

How do you connect to a database in mount, indeed with a user who has SYSDBA or SYSOPER.

In the past we monitored our standby’s by either granting DBSNMP the sysdba privilege or by using SYS for the monitoring credentials.

My friend and Oracle Data Guard PM  Pieter Van Puymbroek pointed me to some interesting part of the licensing guide.

It is very important read this thoroughly : The CDB$ROOT and PDB$SEED can be READ ONLY but your PDB’s still need to be in MOUNTED mode, if they are in READ ONLY and redo apply is on you need to license ACTIVE DATA GUARD

for more info have a look here

This means that a regular DBSNMP user can log on.

You will see that on the standby the open mode will be

select open_mode from v$database


So no more giving elevated rights to the standby !

Good work oracle
And thank you Pieter for the tip

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