After almost 11 years of freelancing for various customers and the past 8 years primarily on engineered systems, first Super Cluster and then Exadata ( X4, X5 , X6-2, X8-M), I am glad to officially announce  I will be part of MAA team at Oracle.

I can not find the words to express how honoured and gratefull I feel to become part of this fantastic team.

I will be product manager focussing on Fleet Patching and Provisioning (FPP) I will work very closely with Ludovico Caldara.

FPP is a must have tool to implement in your organisation to reduce patching madness and make it consistent and streamlined, if you didn’t already have a look at the documentation available, best part of all you have it already installed when you install Grid Infrastructure. more info ?

As you can see it does far more things then just patching, it can provision systems, do upgrades (leveraging auto upgrade in later versions), etc. Give it a try you can use the vagrant images from the Oracle RAC PACK team here

You can use FPP in your organisation when you licensed Oracle RAC (One) or the Cloud Control Oracle Lifecycle management pack.

Looking forward to meet you in real life (hopefully soon) or online to talk and spread the love for these fantastic products.

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