We are slowly moving to 12.2 some new products will start of with this version, Single tenant for the moment.

The customer uses OUD and Global Roles to manage centrally access to databases and database objects.

One of the first things that needs to be done is register the database in oud.

I tried to do it and then I got this message :

Ok we are a bit stuck here.
The database needs to be in OUD before we can use global roles and global users …. The are no listeners associated with this database doesn’t help here 😉
I tried different things to work around it adapted the listener.ora file with static registration but didn’t work.

Finally after opening an SR the engineer suggested to put a <> listener.ora in /tmp and point TNS_ADMIN to that location. And yes that solved this issue I was able to register the database in OUD.


btw it is every easy to do this in a silent way :

dbca -silent -configureDatabase -sourceDB c20v01d01 -registerWithDirService true -dirServiceUserName "cn=Directory Manager" -dirServicePassword "" -walletPassword "" -sysDBAPassword -sysDBAUserName sys

Must say this time I had a very good experience with Oracle Support

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