wow it’s behind us again a great OUGN Varseminar 2015,big shout out to the boa(r)(t)d  to have made this again a success. 

You’ve set the bar very high for coming years, I hope to be able to be part of other future editions  ! 
It was a very good idea to put the exhibition hall not on the same floor as the talks,giving more breathing room around the rooms
Apart from the fact that a seminar on a boat creates a special bond with the people aboard the quality of the talks was really very good, i learned plenty of things…
I really enjoyed being on a boat with people passionate about there job in fact for most of the people it more then just being a job it is a passion , vocation ,…
It was great to meetup with old friends and make new ones
my personal highlights not in any particular order
were the sessions of :
Neil Johnson (@neiljdba) about contentious small tables really a very good presentation I learned a lot about the hakan factor, I strongly recommend to go to follow this session on other conferences this year, beside that Neil is a great guy to hangout with. Unfortunately I missed his talk about jumbo frames…but the good news I found his slides already 😉
Kellyn Potvin-Gorman  also known as @DBAKevlar talking about AWR Warehouse thanks to her presentation I finally know that this is a “free” limited license if you have licensed tuning and diagnostic pack for your  databases, I will start pushing for it at my current customer,because it can really save you bacon and lots of discussio. Her talk about EM 12c was also great by the way despite that she was pretty i’ll suffering from her sinusses, so really well done
Jan Karremans’ session ‘ok now my database crashed’ was a very good reminder on how important it is to take this part of your oracle installation not too lightly, btw Jan is pretty (hyper) active on twitter 😉 here (@johnnyq72)
James Morle’s (@JamesMorle) session about opitmizing table scanning  and how to tune all layers of the cake even the blue ones
Luis Marques (@drune) session about Rat was of a very high quality so was his talk about Resource Manager, this is a subject that needs bigger attention especially in the actual spirit of consolidation
I really enjoyed the ‘Instructor’ aka Uwe Hesse’s presentations about the broker and fra I envy his courage of doing a complete talk with live demo’s. (@UweHesse)
I had a blast doing the SE Round Table BE (boat edition) with SE lady Ann Sjokvist (@annsjokvist) and my good friend Jan Karremans, I liked the chemistry that was going on on stage.
SE edition can be a good solution for you, it depends on your business needs and it is an easy step up to EE when you later would need those features. Each of us three looked the product from a Different angle 
Ann really has lots of experience with it and is a really advocate, Jan Looked at it from the business side, and I for my part I am a spoiled EE dba who realises that you need to do correct size matching and see if the 
I had my own talk about a great underestimated product in the engineered systems line up the Sparc Super Cluster, I’ve been working with this product since beginning 2014 and it is for me very much the Swiss Army knife of the engineered exadata systems, providing an un-paralleled versatility and flexibility. 
I liked the questions and discussion with Jacco Landlust that came offline after my talk about Super Cluster.
I would like to explicitely thank Oyvind Isene (@OyvindIsene) and Kjell Tore for many of us international speakers you guys are the public face of OUGN. Speaking For myself if I wouldn’t have come to OUGN as a delegate in 2013 after talking to Oyvind at #OOW2012  I wouldn’t be speaking now, so Oyvind  I owe you  a lot. I hope the next board will continue your work and the investments of blood sweat and tears you two did.
I would also like to thank portrix Florian , Connie and Bjoern (@brost)for the great gin / buffet you organised in Kiel. It becomes clearly a tradition.
Too bad I missed several sessions I due to overlap ;-(
Nice meeting you all girls and guys
Thank you 
Jan Karremans
Heli Helskyaho 😉
Debra Lilley
Brendan Tierney
Oyvind Isene
Kjell Tore
Frits Hoogland
Christian Antognini
Neil Johnson
Kellyn & Tim Gorman
Gurcan Orhan
Bjoern Roest Florian 
Andy Colvin & wife
James Morle
Luis Marquis
Kelly Potvin
Tim Gorman
Jacco Landlust
Alex Nuijten
Patrick Barrel
Magnus Fagertun
Mark Rittman
Eric Van Roon

Thank you all for making my OUGN 15 so great

If you haven’t decided yet maybe this small video and some pictures (sorry I am not so good with an iphone DSLR user) can persuade you to attend or submit for OUGN16

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