I had a blast at UKOUG, I  met plenty of friends, finally could place a face on an avatar and had my first talk ever, in short lots of emotions and the quality of the sessions was very very high. I helped with RAC attack and was glad to see that plenty of people have now RAC running on their laptop.

I enjoyed  my good friend Iloon’s session about the APEX listener. Joel Goodman on the picture here under chaired the session.

My talk it self went fine, had a good interaction with the audience and got some good questions, Solaris and LDOMs are certainly not dead, i think it just started for them as Bjoern Rost’s session about a customer moving from Linux to Solaris showed, which was a great session BTW he really is a gifted speaker.

It was not only my first time but also Jan Karremans’ first conference talk, he really did a good job he was up at 8:30 wednesday. I really enjoyed his session

Finally I got to meet Osama Mustaffa and Uwe Hesse face to face, two great guys, I feel like I have two friends, you guys rock

Thank you Iloon , Joel , Oyvind Isene, Sally-Ann, Peter Raganitsch,  Uwe, Bjoern, Osama,Gert Poel, Jan, Frits Hoogland (without you I was still at the train station 😉 you made UKOUG something not to forget soon !!!

Apart from UKOUG and running in parallel there was also Oak Table World, with great speakers, I went to two presentations over there :

Apex for Dba’s
Hadoop for Dba’s

both very interesting

The jumping Rac Attack Guys ( + plenty of others that came later) 

I now have to keep my promise to the attendees of my session to put a blog article online about the performance of different SPARC processor and the impact of virtual I/O

Also a big thank you to Kevin Closson father of  SLOB, thank you for this great tool, it helped me a lot and is standard in my tool.

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