Dear Pieter,

My world changed a lot since last month. The 16 th of July you where found in your boat. Still hard to believe at times, still sending you messages in the hope that this was a prank and you will reply, I promise I will not even be angry will not break your nose only maybe throw you in the water, to make you move and swim a bit.

Since that dreadful day in July I haven’t touched a Data Guard configuration anymore, for the moment I just can’t. 
Trying to pass the work of setting up dg configs to my colleagues luckily we automated that a lot. My first setup will probably be to create a setup with  a db_name of Pieter with earth and heaven as db_unique_name, no failover however in that setup only switchovers … I wished it was that simple to bring you back.
The 3th of August your intimate goodbye ceremony was held, next for us and for you in the river Scheldt in Antwerp.
I was so touched by the love of Sofie, Stijn, Maarten and Geert and their words at and after the ceremony. You were really loved bro, by your friends, Sofie, the community, your customers, your present and past employers, last but certainly not least your son Manten. 
So many people wanted to say you  goodbye and wanted to wish you safe travels to the new world, but couldn’t join because of the intimate ceremony.
That same community is amazing so far they collected almost  7500 euro for your son Manten, Martin Marcus and myself never could have imagined that when we started the fundraiser. 
I would like to thank the community in your name Pieter, thank you with all my hearth.
So long my friend I hope the pain of your absence on this planet will fade, but forgotten you will never be.
Cherishing the great moments we had together.
Take care,

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