OTN Appreciation event 

Tim Hall aka as Mr Oraclebase started a great initiative to show and share our love for the oracle community and the OTN program.

The idea was to do a non tech talk about an Oracle software feature / product you are fond of.

I am definitely cheating here because the product I choose to show my appreciation contains other Oracle Software products (Oracle database, RAC, Grid ,Solaris ), for people who know me it is no surprise I will be talking about SuperCluster in this blogpost.

I would like to convince you to dig deeper in the Sparc SuperCluster :-), don’t hesitate to contact me in case of questions.

I often call it Exadata ++ and it definitely is that, it offers you the stability , flexibility and ease of use, straightforwardness of Solaris together with the secret sauce of exadata : storage cells and as a bonus an infiniband integrated ZFS SA from which the os boot, you can use it as well to put on other data or backups.

 To me it is the ultimate consolidation platform and in memory machine
 ( up to 32TB of RAM in the M6) you can run both database applications as other applications on the same box.

The product made fantastic improvements over the years and from the early beginning offers almost zero overhead virtualization with hardware isolation.

 The latest generation comes with incredible M7 chip which not only offers 32 cores per chip but also “DATA ANALYTICS ACCELERATORS” called DAX, the DAX takes work from the main cores, it takes over decompression, encryption,  ….

 The M7 can encrypt and decrypt with almost no overhead, the benchmarks I saw had an overhead of 3%.

I hope to lay my hands on one of those machines the next months.

 I also hope I made you curious about this fantastic product Some links : https://community.oracle.com/community/server_%26_storage_systems/application_development_in_c__c%2B%2B__and_fortran/softwareinsilicon/overview http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/engineered-systems/oracle-supercluster/overview/index.html

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