Friday I finally received my lab pc, the colleaugues were so nice to assemble it for me 😉 thanks guys !!!

When I came home I connected it to the PC connection of our Panasonic tv (VGA) in the living room. This worked great I could get into the BIOS and everything worked fine (that’s what i tought)

Then I tried to boot from usb smart pen to install Oracle VM 3.0.3 however this didn’t work, after trying different things I removed the CD Writer from my main PC and put it into the new pc. I put the iso of oracle VM in it and it started booting but as soon as I passed the first screen it stopped without any sign of life, … weird… didn’t have this with the W7 install I tried to ensure the screen was working.

After trying, retrying …lots of things and bios options and getting more and more desperate, I moved the pc to my office (had to move from the livingroom) , I connected it to a normal monitor just for fun and guess what it booted further then the first Oracle VM screen, it actually started with the installation. You can imagine my joy, however that wouldn’t last a long time….

Everything went smoothly (see the excellent installation instructions from oraclebase webmaster Tim Hall 
) until the partitioning of the disks….

there I received

 “OVM server cannot install on GPT boot partition”

Some research showed that this has to do with EFI disk labels
luckilly I found this otn topic were they explained what to do.
basically it comes down to remove the GPT label from the disk, one way to do this is by using a windows  install disk and execute what  is indicated in the otn topic.

After that everything went smootly, and oracle vm was up and running.
The only thing to make it a bit usable that had to be done was to install oracle VM manager, which i did in Oracle Virtual Box.

The things that remain open for the moment is how to install a software raid 5 on those 4 1,5 TB disks… but that will be something for later

I would like to thank @oraclebase,@ora600dude,@MartinDBA for their moral support on twitter !!!

2 thoughts on “issues encountered during OVM 3.0.3 install

  1. Tim... says:

    Nice one. Happy OVMing… 🙂

  2. Philippe says:

    Thanks tim,

    played a couple of hours with it and must say it has a steep learning curve …

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